WP Sidebars: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Optimise sidebar to drive traffic and increase conversions 
How much do you prioritise the sidebar of your WP website? It’s important to the overall design look and shouldn’t be ignored at any costs. After all, the sidebar can play a crucial role in driving traffic, something which you should probably be aware of. So how do you optimise your WP sidebars?


Talk to reputed WordPress developers and they’ll help you out. Meanwhile, follow our lists of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to your WP sidebars.

The Do’s

You can easily optimise the sidebar if you make use of some tricks; your chosen WordPress developer should be able to help you out.

Recommended or popular posts: This can be generated automatically through the views and comments on every post; use the WordPress Popular Posts plug-in to display them on the sidebar. If you go with recommended posts, you get more control because you choose what to display. Nonetheless, both these widgets can increase traffic and conversions.

Subscription form:  Add a subscription form so that users can sign up for your newsletter instantly. Once you have their addresses, you can regularly send them promotional emails.

Social media links: Let your visitors connect with you on all popular social media platforms. Add social sharing buttons to the sidebar; many WordPress plug-ins can be used for the purpose.

Profile: Add your profile or short biography to the sidebar so as to grain trust and increase your credibility.  Be sure to add a Read More link as well which will direct visitors to your complete profile or the About Us page on your website.

The Don’ts

Too many widgets: While you should add a number of useful widgets to the sidebar, you still should not be cluttering the areas. Be selective and only include the most essential widgets.

Default Widgets: WordPress adds a couple of widgets to the sidebar automatically such as Categories, Archives and Recent Comments. You can remove some or all of these and replace them with other more attractive widgets.

Disorganisation: Popular content and relevant details that your visitors would be most interested in should be placed towards the top. Also whichever order you choose, it shouldn’t make navigation difficult nor distract your visitors.

Ads: Ads may be important for you but you still shouldn’t be putting too many of them.
Get in touch with a reputed WordPress Developer for more sidebar tricks and suggestions. 

Figuring out Keywords for a WP Website

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Here is some advice on researching keywords for your WP site

Properly researching keywords is extremely important if you want your WordPress website to be ranked higher on the results pages. But that is only when you target the best keywords for your business or product.


A WordPress developer can definitely help you here, but for the time being, here is some advice that would be really useful.

How can you research keywords?

The Tool
The Keyword Planner, part of Google Adwords, is the best way to search for relevant keywords, not to forget that it’s free; the only requirement is a Google account.  Keyword Planner provides you several variations of your keyword, along with competition level and traffic information.  Start the search with any generic keyword, applicable to your niche, and the tool would give you a view of what people in your relevant industry are searching for. Consider the competition and search level pick up a suitable keyword, and then use it for optimising content.

Other than Google Adwords, you can also use SEMRush, Uber Suggest and MOX Keyword Explorer.

High Traffic keywords 
These are the ones that are searched for the most, and so you should optimise your website or WordPress blog for them. That does mean greater competition, but if you use long tail keywords, you can still drive a good amount of traffic.  Another way is to post new and fresh content that includes both internal and external links.

Competitive Keywords 
What keywords are being targeted by your competitors? Keep a track of them by using tools like Ahrefs. This isn’t free, but definitely valuable. Once you sign up, the tool would show you organic keywords being used by a website for traffic generation. You can also see the level of traffic that is being received.

What’s the impact of not researching keywords?

Your SEO rankings will fall sharply.  Until your keywords have been correctly optimised, it’s going to be hard for you to be towards the top of SERPs. Yes, that does mean your target audience won’t find you instantly.

Less Traffic
Not being found obviously means that you would have less traffic on your website.

Less Brand Awareness
SEO can impact your brand and increase awareness. But if you are targeting wrong keywords, your website won’t be visible to your potential consumers.

So let’s get in touch with WordPress Developers and optimise your website now. 

WordPress Uptime: Why is it Important and What Can You Do?

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Your website’s uptime is important, so keep a track of it 
A 24/7 running website is absolutely important if you want to build and retain your customer database. Website uptime is a crucial factor that affects your brand image and your online business. In case your website is down when your users try to access it, your overall credibility will be affected, and you may even lose your users.

Your website’s uptime is important, so keep a track of it

If you choose reputed WordPress developers, this probably wouldn’t be an issue, but you should check the uptime of your website and make sure that it is acceptable.

What if you fail to maintain the acceptable uptime?  

You’ll lose potential clients, which we have already mentioned, but there is more to it.

Poor Rankings

If your website goes down several times daily, search engines wouldn’t trust the site anymore, which would affect your rankings.

User Experience

Downtime negatively affects user experience. For starters, your consumers will lose trust in your brand and you, and eventually, they may turn to competition as well.

How can you track your website’s uptime?

Okay, so you now know that it is important to keep your website up and running, but how do you do this? WordPress offers a number of plug-ins that can help you out with this. Talk to a reputed WordPress developer and they’ll guide you more about them.


Jetpack is probably one of the easiest ways through which you can check the uptime of your website. Plus, it is free to use so that makes it all the better.

Ask your chosen WordPress developer to install the plug-in for you.  Once done, visit the Jetpack Settings page and enable Call Monitor; now you will get a notification whenever your website suffers a downtime.  Even if you don’t always check emails, do enable email notifications on your phone so that you can keep track of your website’s performance.

By the way, Jetpack has a premium version as well, which is worth the price. But if you don’t want to spend, the free version should suffice.


Pingdom is already used by millions of users - the service keeps you updated about your website’s uptime and notifies you every time it goes down. You can either choose to be alerted through SMS or email. Pingdom also generates a detailed report that gives you a better idea of your website’s performance. 

Online Store: Setting up Your WordPress

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Here are some tips to set up your WP-based online store.
Interested in launching an online store? Awesome idea; it is a sure way to generate more sales. SEO is the key to drive your store of course, but some of it is also on the platform you choose. A WordPress based e-commerce store is generally a good idea because it is easy to setup and convenient to manage.  Talk to a WordPress developer and they would do it for you.

Online Store Setting up Your WordPress

Consider a couple of things when getting your online store developed.

Server Space

Server space is important when you are getting a website up. You can choose between shared and dedicated servers. The selection depends on a number of factors, the biggest two of which are potential growth and costs. If you want to keep your store independent and modest, a shared server would do, not to forget that it is more affordable. However, if down the road, you have plans to expand your store and turn it into a major sales funnel, then you should consider dedicated servers.

The Design

Design is a really important factor when you set up your online store. Obviously, it should reflect your brand image, but there is more to it. The design should be clean and efficient. Navigation should be easy without the customers having to search for things or options on the page. Everything should be right out front.

Discuss your requirements in detail with your chosen WordPress developer, and they’ll come up with something that tells your story yet ensures all the other essentialities.

The Checkout Process

The checkout is a vital feature of an online store so keep it as simple as possible. Rather than moving from here to there, you should ensure your customers are able to place their orders through a simple process, restricted to just a page. Long checkout processes are sure to drive them away.


A fully functional online store isn’t enough unless your customers know about it. Make sure you have all the content optimised. Plus, you should regularly promote the store, particularly on social media. So, get the word out for your customers to ‘get in’. You should not do this only once, you must do it on a regular basis.

So, get in touch with reputed WordPress developers and launch your e-store now. 

Development Mistakes which Mobile App Start-ups Should Avoid

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Are you a mobile app start-up? Be sure to avoid these mistakes! 

So you have newly launched a mobile app business. You must have put a lot of investments into it in terms of money, time and effort. But for your work to be fruitful, you have to make sure you don’t do anything that can cause your mobile app start-up to fail. For starters, make sure that you choose a professional and competent mobile app developer in Sydney. They’ll make sure that your app does well in the market, but you should also be aware of how this can be done.

Development Mistakes which Mobile App Start-ups Should Avoid

We’ve put together some mistakes which we have seen new mobile app start-ups make. Avoid these and you should be fine.

Not Analysing Competition 

Eyeing your competitors and watching each of their moves are vital, whether your business is big or small. Believe it or not, competition can actually guide you towards success in the sense that you may get an idea of what your customers want and how you can cater to their needs. So keep a tab of their strategies, move, marketing campaigns, and learn from them. They may be doing something better than you do.

Inappropriate Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing can completely change your revenue; do it right and the numbers go up; do it wrong and the numbers go down. So work on your marketing campaign and ascertain there are no loop holes. Your strategies must be well designed and revolve round a number of mediums.

So market your app as much as you can over the right channels. Reach out to your target audience because until they come to know of your start-up business, they can’t use it, no matter how good it is.

User Ignorance

Clients are first and foremost. So there is no way that you should be avoiding their feedback. If they have something to suggest, make sure that you incorporate them in. Only then would they stick with you.

Understand their concerns, their needs and the problems they are facing. And then come up with solutions that address all these issues.

The zest for money

Yes, this is why you have established your start-up in the first place. But you aren’t going to get it instantly. So wait, put in effort and the rewards will be numerous.
So, was our advice helpful? Discuss your concerns with reputed app developers in Sydney and they will surely help you out.

What to Ask Before Hiring an App Developers Company

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What to Ask Before Hiring an App Developers Company

Are you looking around for an app developer Company? Great, there are too many choices out there. When deciding between them, be sure to ask these questions.

Who will own the code?

Some app developers may offer lower rates if they can have the rights over your project, even after it has been completed. While the price may be attractive, this usually isn’t such a great idea. For starters, what if you want to make a change to the app? Your chosen developer may not cater to your request, then charge you way too much for the fixes or work at a time convenient for them not by your preferred timeline.

Not having any rights over intellectual property can be a problem if you want investors later on, or decide to merge.

What product management processes will be used?

We are an agile fan: be it the strategy, design or development. And this is what we would recommend to any app developer. The traditional product management processes are no longer considered to be flexible and when you don’t get flexibility, you can neither bring down costs nor accomplish your business goals.

Go with an agile process so that you can continuously stream towards progress and do it quickly. This would allow you to keep up with the pace and incorporate new advancements or technology, if any, in later iterations.

How will costs be estimated?

Ideally, you would want to know the cost and time estimates for your project. But no app developer can give you these numbers over a 5-minute phone call. Accurate estimates can only be determined after a detailed analysis of your requirements, so there is no way the developer can get back to you instantly on this.

But still some developers do share estimates with you quickly, either because they want new business or don’t understand your requirements. In any case, the quality is usually below par and later on, they will make up for the costs as well by delaying your projects or charging a lot for fixes.

Is there a way to exit the relationship if you aren’t satisfied? 

Sure, there is, but the contract should have very clear exit clauses. And when you do end the agreement, you should have ownership of the completed work till that time, including both the code and design.

Learn and Know Why Do Apps Fail?

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Make sure your mobile app doesn’t fail by keeping these suggestions in mind

So you want your app to be a huge success. Obviously, it should function properly but that is the very basic aspect of it. Talk to any reputed app developer and they’ll tell you the same.

Learn and Know Why Do Apps Fail?

There is too much choice in the app market and if you fail to satisfy users in only a small way, they’ll quickly turn to competitors. What does this mean for you? Your app should perform exceptionally well, regardless of the platform.  And how do you ensure this? You can begin by avoiding all these things that can cause your app to fail.

Poor Research

Your app may have an awesome layout, provides an above par user experience and caters to a number of needs but if you are promoting it in the wrong market, it’s not going to help you in any way. So before you begin with development, make sure you have thoroughly analysed the market, the audience and your competitors.

You may think your users would love the app but justify this as well.

Not original 

App stores have too many varieties of apps that are almost the same. Which of these stand out? Apps that offer high value.

Analyse competition, both the strengths and weaknesses and then decide your competitive advantage. If you build the product that your competition is already offering, you probably wouldn’t get a lot of users. Have a unique value proposition, a UVP, so that you can stand out.

Platform Ignorance

Android, iOS and other app development platforms have already set guidelines. The apps on both these platforms differ in the manner in which they use gestures, buttons or place prompts. Whichever platform you choose, make sure you adhere to the specifics of that platform to ensure a good user experience.

In case your app doesn’t work well across various OS and devices, you will lose credibility and customers as well.

User Experience

We’ve been talking about this butlet’s elaborate because it is vital. Your app should be innovative, unique and offers the best user experience that you can come up with. There shouldn’t be any performance issues, long loading times, lengthy registration processes and anything else that would turn off visitors.

Want more advice? Get in touch with reputed app developers and they’ll make sure your app hits the markets with a bang!