Developing a Mobile App to Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

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Want your mobile app to play a role in your marketing campaigns? Discuss your needs with app developers 

Do you already have a mobile app or are yet to develop one? What’s your primary goal of doing so? At the end, the bottom line of every business is to drive revenues, which is mostly when you increase sales, and for that, you need powerful marketing campaigns. All stuff which you already know. How do you integrate your mobile app with your marketing strategy?

Developing a Mobile App to Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

We’ll share some tips in this blog post;  if you have trouble in understanding or implementing, talk to an app developer, and they will guide you.

What are your objectives?

We already asked you, but let’s elaborate on that. If you want your app to be a success, you should have clearly defined goals towards which you can work. You should also be aware of your targeted audience, and what they’d derive by using your app. Seek answers to the following questions.

  • Do you want the app to attract new customers or engage your existing ones?
  • Would the app offer some information, promote deals, allow users to buy your products or have some other function?
  • Which aspects of user experience are you targeting that require you to develop an app rather than a mobile website?

Particularly think over the last question. A mobile app is a worthy investment only when you can’t design some part of it as a mobile website.

Research your competition

Who are your competitors?  Do they have a mobile app? And more importantly, how are they using it to drive sales? Try to get a sense of market competition, and then think of ways you can beat it through your app. Understand what your consumers expect, and the kind of functionality you would require to cater to their needs.

The good news is that the bar isn’t too high in most of the industries. 78% of small businesses don’t even have an app, so even if you plan on developing just one app for your business, you may be able to stand out, provided you don’t compromise on performance.

Select a development platform

Platforms for developing mobile apps are offered by start-ups as well as industrial giants. You would want a platform that covers basic stuff such as reliability, security and compatibility with various operating systems. Your priorities also play a role. Some app development platforms already include a lot of functionality, and can decrease timeframes by 80%. However, if you want something that is scalable, you would want to use a platform which can handle an increase in users.

Every platform has its own pros and cons, and you should weigh them when deciding. Talk to an app developer, and they’ll help you out.

Keep the devices in mind

Your app should work on as many devices as possible.

So, do you see how tips can bridge your mobile app with your marketing campaign? Still confused? Reach out to the best app developers, and leave it to them. You’ll sure be impressed when you see the power of the app they custom develop for you. 

How Can You Make Users Fall in Love with Your App?

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Want users to fall in love with your app? Read our blog, and take some tips from the best app developers
Mobile apps are gradually becoming a fashion trend these days, as business owners turn towards them to bring about an impact on their bottom line.  However, they don’t always achieve the results they desire. Why? Because a lot of times an app isn’t successful is only because it isn’t usable.

How Can You Make Users Fall in Love with Your App?

Usability is what it all boils down to – it can make or break your app. How can you ensure that consumers find your app useful? Which design practices should you follow? Talk to the best app developers, and they’ll develop a user-friendly mobile app for your business that serves the needs of your audience – and ultimately becomes a success. Which practices can ensure this? Let’s take a look.

Test and test as much as you can

Testing is extremely important, and you should be doing it across several devices, and for every OS with which your app is compatible with. While your chosen app developer will do this on your behalf, you should also do some testing before launching the app.

Strike a deep, real deep connection

Your users are important; their motivations and preferences matter a lot more than your own. Understand what motivates your users, and try to get this at a really deep level. You should comprehend your target audience, and perform a thorough analysis. What are their needs? What are their wants? What makes them tick? Why do they prefer you over others, or why they don’t prefer you at all?

Once you have all these answers, you can ensure quality user experience, and engage them through your mobile app.

Offline experience matters – so plan for it!  

Think over some of the most successful apps that you’ve come across. Why are they such a hit? There can be so many reasons for this, but one of them is the fact that these apps can be used even if the device isn’t connected to the internet. So, even when your consumer is offline, your app should work seamlessly, and offer the same experience that it does, when they are online.

Focus on usability

We already mentioned it earlier – usability is a primary feature of your app; there should be something about it with which your users can drive some value.

And ensure the app is simple to use

Usability is important, but so is simplicity. Your app should be simple; navigation should be clean; buttons should be well-developed and placed in appropriate places. And the user shouldn’t be stuck anywhere when they’re using the app.

When the app is developed, ask your non-tech friends to use it, and utilize their feedback to improve the app.

Tailor the design according to the OS

Android and iPhone apps are different from each other in some design aspects. So, if there is a need, customise your app for the OS - one size never fits all!  

Testing Mobile Apps

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So you are about to launch your mobile app. Before doing this, ask your chosen app developers to test, and follow our advice as well 

Several businesses have turned towards mobile apps as a means to market their business and offer more value to their consumers. How can you ensure that your app stands out among all of these? Obviously, it should focus on usability and deliver some value. But, this can only be ensured when you have tested your app, and tested it thoroughly.

Testing Mobile Apps

Your chosen app developers will do this on your behalf. But you can do a couple of things yourself as well. Here is what we advise. 

Test on the right platform

Which platform have you built your app on? Web-based, native, or a combination of the two? Testing strategies vary with each platform. While a native platform gives you the greatest control level over experience, you have to put in a lot of efforts to test it out on multiple platforms, considering the numerous OSs and devices.

Web-based app testing is also a challenge. You have to deal with a number of browsers, and then pay attention to loading speeds as well. Plus, the app should offer a consistent experience over every device and screen size.

So, keep the platform in mind, and then start testing your app.

Functionality should be your topmost focus

Functionality is the central most important aspect of your app, and it should deliver value to your users. Why are apps used? Because consumers try to perform specific functions. So, if your app has an incomplete or insufficient functionality, your users will probably abandon it.

Ensure that all main features and functions have been implemented properly, and then test them thoroughly.

And then consider user experience

Mobile apps are meant to be easily accessible. So if your interface is poorly designed, too complicated or doesn’t allow the functionality to flow well, then you should improve it. Test your app with this in mind, and if there are any issues, get them resolved before taking your app to the market.

And by the way, you can evaluate user experience even in the design phase, when some of the features have been developed. You don’t have to wait until the app is complete, since that may actually put you behind the timeline.

Emotional engagement is a consideration

Will your app engage users emotionally? You will score some major points if it does. Though there are plenty of apps, only a few of them are used regularly. If users forget your app, it won’t help you in any way. So, when you take the app, ascertain that it strikes an emotional appeal, and has the power to hook your users.

Balance the testing

Maintain a balance between exploratory and scrip-based testing. The former helps you identify user experience issues, edge cases and special conditions, while the latter concentrates more on emotional engagement. Create the right mix between them for a thorough testing.

So, did our tips help you out? Still got questions? Reach out to an app developer, and they’ll help you out. 

Why is Your SEO Campaign Failing?

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Is your SEO campaign failing? No issues, read our blog for advice, and talk to an expert SEO consultant
We are sure you already know the value that a good SEO plan can deliver to your business. But the problem is that your SEO just isn’t working and constantly failing to deliver results. You are doing everything you can, but not seeing the results that you want. Where is it all going wrong? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

Why is Your SEO Campaign Failing?

We’ll take you through some of the main reasons which cause SEO campaigns to fail, and then we’ll talk a little about how you can avoid them.

You’re doing it yourself or hired an incompetent firm

Who is managing your SEO? Are you doing it yourself? Is a team member doing it for you? Or have you outsourced the services? Whoever is doing it, chances are they may be doing it wrong, because they can’t give it enough time, don’t know what’s involved or lack the skills.

If you have been doing SEO yourself all this time, then maybe you should hire an SEO consultant now. Or maybe you already take help from an SEO agency, but they are not competent enough, and use yesterday’s strategies. Keyword stuffing, guest blog posts and directory listings don’t boost ranks like they used to in the past, and may even harm your SEO today.

So, make sure that you hire the right SEO consultants, because only then will it be effective. Discuss your plans with your firm, and see what they advise you to boost your ranks. Ask for references, and if they are willing to share details, then they are a good choice. If a firm doesn’t clearly describe what they’d do to improve SEO or doesn’t give any reference, you shouldn’t be hiring them.

Your goals are not realistic

You should know which goals can be achieved and which cannot. Yes, you would want your store to rank number one for ‘women dresses’, but that will not happen instantly. Companies ruling the search engine ranks have spent years and invested thousands of dollars to get there, and you are going to have a hard time if you try to catch up with them.

So, set sensible goals for yourself, and find an SEO consultant who can help you meet them. They’ll help you figure out the keywords, and come up with tactics that create the maximum impact on your company’s bottom line.

You aren’t paying attention to social media

How much importance do you give to social media? Some of you may regard it as significant, whereas others would consider it to be a waste of money and time. If you are in the latter group, then you aren’t utilizing opportunities to engage with your potential consumers. While social platforms don’t directly affect SEO, they do have some kind of impact because if your account is active and optimised, it can show up in the results.

Understand which social platforms are used by your targeted audience, and then develop a presence on these platforms to engage with them. 

Signs that Indicate You Should Find a Top-notch SEO Consultant

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Should you or should not hire an SEO consultant? Here are some signs
So you are targeting a higher rank on search engines results pages, and want to improve your SEO. But problem is, you were looking around to save some costs, and decided to go ahead with a DIY approach. Bad idea! If you really want to boost your ranks, you need a well thought out plan. And, for that, you should talk to the best SEO consultants. Yes, they are going to charge you a fee, but that is affordable. Plus, you get a good value for your money.

Signs that Indicate You Should Find a Top-notch SEO Consultant

So, how do you figure out that you should stop doing SEO yourself, and call in an expert SEO consultant? Here are some signs that indicate. 

You think you only have to do SEO once...

And then, you can forget it. Absolutely wrong! SEO is a continuous effort, and you cannot get done with it in a day. Yes, there may be some tasks which you might be able to complete in just around a couple of hours, but if you really want to aiming towards the top rankings, you need a solid,  long-term SEO strategy.

Once you have optimized your site, you won’t see results until 4 to 6 months. And when you do, you would likely want to tweak some strategies, maybe even change them completely. Point is, if you think you can do SEO in just a day or over the weekend, then you should definitely talk to an SEO consultant, and hand it over to them.

You received an SEO penalty 

Do you know about the SEO rules? Not only should they be on your finger tips, but you have to follow them as well. If you break them, you will be penalized, which reduces your traffic, lowers ranks, and ultimately affects your bottom line.

And what creates more problems is the fact that even if your approach is seemingly ethical, you may be penalized for something you didn’t do intentionally. Yes, you can take steps to remove the penalty, but if you are making mistakes too often, then do consider hiring a professional SEO consultant.

You assume SEO is only about content

SEO and content marketing go side by side, that is for sure, but SEO isn’t only about producing new and quality content. So, publishing new blogs daily isn’t enough.
There’s more to SEO than just regular content, and you should focus on three additional components: on page optimisation, off page optimisation and technical optimisation. Confused between the three? Bring in the experts then.

You never have enough time

Anyone can learn SEO with time, that maybe true to some extent. However, the learning curve is high; you have to learn all aspects, and not just rely on the basic ones. Obviously this requires time, so you may be better off by handing over SEO to professionals.

You can’t keep up with changes

Google makes hundreds of changes every year, and if you can’t keep up with them, then hire an SEO consultant to do the job. 

Industry Insight before Opening Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

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Since everyone knows that in today’s generation, most people are relying on the internet when it comes to their businesses, service or product. This is because we all know that it is easy and can be available at any time as long as you have a good connection. Hence, owning a Digital Marketing Agency can indeed be a great business with good consistent income.

Can I open one easily?

Well, to be honest, if you have the capital, you can open any kind of business, but when it comes to the question “will it last long?” that is certainly a big NO. This is why Industry Insight is a must before opening to ensure that you will know how does it really operate and function, and not just relying on your hired team’s report.

How Do I Do This?

Pretty simple, you simply have to get experience from the inside, invest working on soon to be Competitor Company, you will see the flow, the management, and the what-nots. It may seem something uncalled for, but trust us... this is the only real way that you manage and operate it to function efficiently well.

What do I get from doing so?

Skills, this is the first thing that you will have after working for a short time, along that, the ability to know how long does it take for a certain skill to be learned or developed. These things are very important as you can assess how long to train potential employees.

Having a Digital Marketing Agency isn’t simply easy because what you have is a service that can only be satisfactory when it has results, results that are seen after months. This is why you need to make sure that you know the people you are hiring and evading fraud at all cost as the weakest link is your strongest. 

Why Local Search Engine Optimisation is Priority

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At present, the competition in keywords without localisation entries is insanely tough, it is quite impossible to compete with well-established websites that are now on the top result of Google’s SERPS. This is indeed normal for brands that have placed their name in history and now shows authority, but how about the little guys? Do not fret as this giant search engine shows a lot of care towards the local business, this is why opting for local search engine optimisation is absolutely beneficial and should practically be a priority.

At OMT, Our SEO Experts has noticed that with the new recent update on Google’s AI, fan-named ‘Pigion,’ it give a higher priority on smaller and newer local businesses and companies. Taking advantage of this can greatly increase the effectiveness of your website in getting more valuable traffic. Remember that 44% of purchases come from Search Engines and that is absolutely a huge number, and those that use search engines proactively prefers to add their locality on their Keywords plus the assistance of Google’s ability to track users’ geographic location. A well-optimised website can garner the benefit of this and getting most of their sales from local customers.

This is why here at OMT, we make sure that our Local SEO services are done with extreme effort. Do you know that 4 out of 5 people prefer and set up their search results settings to be within their current geographical location? This is why if you would search on products and services, you will be provided with results that are local, this is indeed in favour towards smaller local businesses compared to targeting national or international SEO with thousands of colossal companies to compete with. Search engine optimisation requires a lot of focus and effort but it does pay off and certainly can provide you higher conversion rates and a return of investment, along with a substantial increase in having qualified visitors on your website.