Search Engine Optimization - Digital Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the phase where your website is kept in front of the people. SEO helps you making your website recognizable on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization - Digital Marketing

You have got a website, that’s good! Your products or/and services are reliable, genuine, and affordable, that sounds great. However, that only sounds great. It does not guarantee that customers will buy your products or customers will consume your services. Why? This is because nobody knows that you or your products/services exist on the internet. So, unless someone doesn’t know about you then how you can think he/she will buy your products or services.

Here comes the role of SEO development. We, at OMT Network, make your website recognized by customers by showing them in the search results of the popular search engines like Google.

We provide two types of SEO services which are as follow:

  • On – Site SEO Service
  • Off – Site SEO Service

On – Site SEO Optimization Service

Under this service, we are committed to provide you with the solutions, fixes, and maintenance right on your website pages. We create Keyword Research Analysis, Keyword Density, Meta Tags Creation, Meta Descriptions, Google Analytic, Webmaster Tools, and other related stuff. This type of SEO service is basically done directly on the webpages to make the webpages SEO friendly.

Off – Site SEO Optimization Service

This type of SEO service is preferable when you are done with the On – Site SEO Service. It is because if your website is not SEO friendly then, Off – Site SEO is just of no use. Under this type of SEO service, we create Backlinks by posting Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, Classifieds, and Social Book Marks on high PR websites. These high PR sites act as a platform to promote your business and transfer their ranking juice to your site slowly & slowly with the time.

After a certain time period, with the help of those high PR sites, your website also starts getting indexed in Google search results. As soon as a user enters those specific keywords as his/her query in the search box and presses enter, your website with well-defined Meta Description and with your website link is shown on the top of all the results. And not to mention, a user frequently opens the link which is shown on the top and hence traffic transfers to your website.