DoubleClick Search Fundamentals Certification Exam Question and Answers

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When you sync an account, the following happens
  A)  The sync combines all recent changes from the last week in DoubleClick Search and on the engine account
  B)  The sync pushes changes made in DoubleClick Search to the engine accounts
  C)  The sync pulls in changes made on the engine accounts and makes those changes in DoubleClick Search
  D)  The sync combines all changes made in DoubleClick Search and on the engine account over the last 24 hours

 If you make changes to an engine account during a sync those changes will be lost
  A)  TRUE

Which of the following is an example of an Automated rule?
  A)  Daily at 1 A.M., increase all bids where the ad’s average position was worse than 3 the previous day
  B)  Every Friday, pause all keywords that had at least 1000 clicks but zero conversions during the previous week
  C)  Every Monday, raise max CPC bids by 15% for keywords that had more than 50 conversions and CPA under $10
  D)  All of the above

How can you narrow the scope of your bulk edit in the interface so that not every keyword or ad in your scope would be changed?
  A)  Use labels and segments
  B)  Use filters and check the box of specific objects you want to edit
  C)  Use columns and segments
  D)  Use filters and segments

Once you select “Upload File,” what are all the steps that have to happen for those changes to become live on the engine account?
  A)  Changes have to be successfully processed into the DoubleClick Search Interface
  B)  Changes must pass through the engine API successfully
  C)  Changes must be approved by the engines guidelines
  D)  All of the above

In DoubleClick Search you can create and edit campaigns the following ways:
  A)  Only through the engine account
  B)  Only through bulksheet upload and the DoubleClick Search interface
  C)  Only through the DoubleClick Search interface
  D)  Through bulksheet upload, directly in the DoubleClick Search interface, on the engine account, and by syncing to DS

Where can you access the bulk upload file template?
  A)  From the campaigns tab
  B)  From the uploads tab
  C)  From your email
  D)  There is no bulk upload file template, you can only create and make changes in the interface

You can NOT make changes to different engine accounts while one engine account is syncing
  A)  TRUE

You can create AdWords Sitelinks in the DS interface
  A)  TRUE

Once you have your chosen statistics and filtes, you can download the report by:
  A)  Selecting “Download” directly under the performance graph
  B)  Selecting “Export” under the campaigns tab
  C)  Selecting “View Report” from the reports tab
  D)  You must view reports on screen, they can not be downloaded

Once your set your filters, columns and segments you can save that custom view to easily return to those settings in the future
  A)  TRUE

You can view keyword attributes like clickserver urls, landing page urls, and max CPC bid by using what feature?
  A)  Filters
  B)  Segments
  C)  Customized columns
  D)  Performance summary graphs

You must include all child objects (ad groups, keywords, ads) in a campaign report
  A)  TRUE

You can compare year-over-year performance in the performance summary graph
  A)  TRUE

To download a report file, make edits, and re-upload to implement changes, you must select which column’s options from the download view?
  A)  Currently Visible
  B)  Editable
  C)  All Columns
  D)  None of the above

Which features allow you to customize the data you analyze in the interface and make up your ‘view’?
  A)  Customize column, filters, segments, date range
  B)  Filters, ad groups, keyword labels, date range
  C)  Keyword labels, date range, bid strategies, destination urls
  D)  Customize columns, keyword labels, destination urls, filters

The change history view will only include changes made by individual users in the DS interface
  A)  TRUE

The Search queries tab is available for:
  A)  Campaigns and ad groups
  B)  Ad Groups and ads
  C)  Engine accounts and keywords
  D)  Campaigns and ads

You can view search queries for both AdWords and Bing Ads
  A)  TRUE

A keyword can be associated with how many bid strategies?
  A)  1
  B)  2
  C)  3
  D)  unlimited

When do you select the date range of the report?
  A)  When you choose the file format
  B)  After selecting Download
  C)  Before selecting the download button
  D)  After the file has downloaded

It is recommended to have the same keyword in a DS bid strategy and use AdWords Conversion Optimizer at the same time
  A)  TRUE

You can manually override the max cpc bid set by the strategy
  A)  TRUE

You can select a single, or specific group of floodlight activities to include in a CPA bid strategy
  A)  TRUE

When a keyword is in a bid strategy, this means that DoubleClick Search is:
  A)  Changing campaign daily budgets
  B)  Increaseing the number of keywords in an ad group
  C)  Adjusting the keyword’s max CPC on the engine to try and achieve the strategy goal
  D)  Adjusting terms in the ad copy to find best combination of words and phrases

How many bid strategies can be set up per engine account?
  A)  1
  B)  2
  C)  3
  D)  unlimited

Which is an example of three KPIs you can target in a DS bid strategy?
  A)  Position, Clicks, Transactions
  B)  Actions, Reach, Clicks
  C)  Clicks, CPA + Position, Increase Impression Share
  D)  Reach, Weighted conversions, Increase Impression Share

To get the most clicks possible for $5,000, what KPI and target metric should you select?
  A)  Actions, CPA
  B)  Clicks, ROAS
  C)  Actions, Monthly Spend
  D)  Clicks, Monthly Spend

If your KPI is transactions and your target metric is ‘monthly spend’, then the strategy will attempt:
  A)  To get you the most clicks for your monthly spend
  B)  To get the best ROAS possible across your keywords
  C)  To get the most transactions for your monthly spend
  D)  To get the most high value conversions for your monthly spend

When creating a weighted conversion bid strategy, you can set individual goals for specific tags and combine CPA goals (as well as ERS goals) in one strategy.
  A)  TRUE

You can NOT create two campaigns with the same name in the same DoubleClick Search engine account:
  A)  TRUE

if you run a 30 day report and want to break down each object by week , which time frame would you want to segment by?
  A)  monthly
  B)  daily
  C)  weekly
  D)  quarterly

by what method can you create a new bid strategy?
  A)  through the interface only
  B)  through bulksheets uploads only
  C)  through both the interface and bulksheets uploads
  D)  none of the above

The maximum strategy bid is
  A)  the starting max cpc bid for the keyword
  B)  the highest bid that helps you reach your strategy goal
  C)  the max bid that double click search can increase your max cpc
  D)  none of the above