Reasons Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

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Today Lets take a look why you will need a Life Insurance.


Life Insurance is about protecting your loved ones

Life Insurance helps you to prepare for the unexpected, protects you and your loved ones by minimizing the financial impacts of 3 risks we all face in real life.

Dying Too Soon

Study shows that 79% of world is afraid their families will not survive financially if something happens to them and yet only 24% have adequate Life Insurance. What will happens to your family if something happens to you? Will be they able to cope financially, this is yours Life Insurance comes in. Life Insurance helps ease financial burden on your family in case unexpected happens to you. It will secure the future income of your family. You can do this by paying small amount of premium payment per month. Life Insurance also helps your family do the following:

  • Pay for your memorial expenses
  • Settle any outstanding debts
  • Pay for estate taxes on your properties

Living Too Long

Did you know that 77 out of 100 worry about growing old and retiring without savings and not being able to provide for their families But only 12% 25 years old today will find themselves financially independent upon retirement. 

What about you? Are you financially prepared for retirement? Life insurance can helps address this as well. Some Life Insurance plans can provide you cash benefits during your retirement years. This way you don't need to be a Financial Burden to your family during old age.

Being disabled or getting Sick

Well 97% of Filipinos prioritize safeguarding their and their family's health over other concerns in life. Only 16% say that they are financially prepared in the face of serious health conditions. 

If you stop working due to an accident or illness, how would you make up for loss of Income or pay for health related expenses? Would you still be able to provide for your family's daily need?

Another benefits if Life Insurance is that it can cover hospitalization and medical expenses, illness such as cancer or heart disease, it can also provide you income in case of accident disables you and prevent you from working.

Hope this will make you clear about benefits and importance of Life Insurance for you and your loved ones. If you have any question or doubt, feel free to ask. Please share with your loved ones.