What is Claim Procedure for my Car Insurance?

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Claim Procedure for my Car Insurance

Claim Procedure for my Car Insurance

If your car meets with an accident, you should immediately get it toe to the nearest garage. Most Insurance companies will reimburse this toeing cost.  So you don’t need to worry.

Post accidents, you shouldn’t try to drive the damaged car as it may cause consequential loss that will not be covered by the Insurance Company.

The Insurance Company will send the surveyor that will estimate the cost of repair. All the estimated exclusions will then be explained to you. In case you need to replace certain car parts you will need to pay deprecation from your own pocket.  Then you authorized the repair and replacement of car parts if any.

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If you go to a garage that comes with in the network of cashless garages of your insurance company, you don’t need to pay anything before the car gets repaired.  You only need to pay the mandatory deductible amount or voluntary deductible amount in case you opted for it. Cost due to Exclusion or Depreciation after you car is totally repaired in the final claim settlement with your Insurance Company.

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In case you can’t go to a garage covered network, you need to pay self and send the bill to your insurance company later; they will calculate the final claimable amount after subtracting mandatory or voluntary deductible, exclusions and depreciation and then send you a check for the final claimable amount.

Hope this will clear all the procedure of claiming Car Insurance properly.  If you any query or doubt in your mind relevant to Car Insurance claims. Feel free to ask in comments section we will reply and clear your doubt. If you find this helpful please share with your loved ones.

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