Signs that Indicate You Should Find a Top-notch SEO Consultant

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Should you or should not hire an SEO consultant? Here are some signs
So you are targeting a higher rank on search engines results pages, and want to improve your SEO. But problem is, you were looking around to save some costs, and decided to go ahead with a DIY approach. Bad idea! If you really want to boost your ranks, you need a well thought out plan. And, for that, you should talk to the best SEO consultants. Yes, they are going to charge you a fee, but that is affordable. Plus, you get a good value for your money.

Signs that Indicate You Should Find a Top-notch SEO Consultant

So, how do you figure out that you should stop doing SEO yourself, and call in an expert SEO consultant? Here are some signs that indicate. 

You think you only have to do SEO once...

And then, you can forget it. Absolutely wrong! SEO is a continuous effort, and you cannot get done with it in a day. Yes, there may be some tasks which you might be able to complete in just around a couple of hours, but if you really want to aiming towards the top rankings, you need a solid,  long-term SEO strategy.

Once you have optimized your site, you won’t see results until 4 to 6 months. And when you do, you would likely want to tweak some strategies, maybe even change them completely. Point is, if you think you can do SEO in just a day or over the weekend, then you should definitely talk to an SEO consultant, and hand it over to them.

You received an SEO penalty 

Do you know about the SEO rules? Not only should they be on your finger tips, but you have to follow them as well. If you break them, you will be penalized, which reduces your traffic, lowers ranks, and ultimately affects your bottom line.

And what creates more problems is the fact that even if your approach is seemingly ethical, you may be penalized for something you didn’t do intentionally. Yes, you can take steps to remove the penalty, but if you are making mistakes too often, then do consider hiring a professional SEO consultant.

You assume SEO is only about content

SEO and content marketing go side by side, that is for sure, but SEO isn’t only about producing new and quality content. So, publishing new blogs daily isn’t enough.
There’s more to SEO than just regular content, and you should focus on three additional components: on page optimisation, off page optimisation and technical optimisation. Confused between the three? Bring in the experts then.

You never have enough time

Anyone can learn SEO with time, that maybe true to some extent. However, the learning curve is high; you have to learn all aspects, and not just rely on the basic ones. Obviously this requires time, so you may be better off by handing over SEO to professionals.

You can’t keep up with changes

Google makes hundreds of changes every year, and if you can’t keep up with them, then hire an SEO consultant to do the job.