Learn and Know Why Do Apps Fail?

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Make sure your mobile app doesn’t fail by keeping these suggestions in mind

So you want your app to be a huge success. Obviously, it should function properly but that is the very basic aspect of it. Talk to any reputed app developer and they’ll tell you the same.

Learn and Know Why Do Apps Fail?

There is too much choice in the app market and if you fail to satisfy users in only a small way, they’ll quickly turn to competitors. What does this mean for you? Your app should perform exceptionally well, regardless of the platform.  And how do you ensure this? You can begin by avoiding all these things that can cause your app to fail.

Poor Research

Your app may have an awesome layout, provides an above par user experience and caters to a number of needs but if you are promoting it in the wrong market, it’s not going to help you in any way. So before you begin with development, make sure you have thoroughly analysed the market, the audience and your competitors.

You may think your users would love the app but justify this as well.

Not original 

App stores have too many varieties of apps that are almost the same. Which of these stand out? Apps that offer high value.

Analyse competition, both the strengths and weaknesses and then decide your competitive advantage. If you build the product that your competition is already offering, you probably wouldn’t get a lot of users. Have a unique value proposition, a UVP, so that you can stand out.

Platform Ignorance

Android, iOS and other app development platforms have already set guidelines. The apps on both these platforms differ in the manner in which they use gestures, buttons or place prompts. Whichever platform you choose, make sure you adhere to the specifics of that platform to ensure a good user experience.

In case your app doesn’t work well across various OS and devices, you will lose credibility and customers as well.

User Experience

We’ve been talking about this butlet’s elaborate because it is vital. Your app should be innovative, unique and offers the best user experience that you can come up with. There shouldn’t be any performance issues, long loading times, lengthy registration processes and anything else that would turn off visitors.

Want more advice? Get in touch with reputed app developers and they’ll make sure your app hits the markets with a bang!