What to Ask Before Hiring an App Developers Company

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What to Ask Before Hiring an App Developers Company

Are you looking around for an app developer Company? Great, there are too many choices out there. When deciding between them, be sure to ask these questions.

Who will own the code?

Some app developers may offer lower rates if they can have the rights over your project, even after it has been completed. While the price may be attractive, this usually isn’t such a great idea. For starters, what if you want to make a change to the app? Your chosen developer may not cater to your request, then charge you way too much for the fixes or work at a time convenient for them not by your preferred timeline.

Not having any rights over intellectual property can be a problem if you want investors later on, or decide to merge.

What product management processes will be used?

We are an agile fan: be it the strategy, design or development. And this is what we would recommend to any app developer. The traditional product management processes are no longer considered to be flexible and when you don’t get flexibility, you can neither bring down costs nor accomplish your business goals.

Go with an agile process so that you can continuously stream towards progress and do it quickly. This would allow you to keep up with the pace and incorporate new advancements or technology, if any, in later iterations.

How will costs be estimated?

Ideally, you would want to know the cost and time estimates for your project. But no app developer can give you these numbers over a 5-minute phone call. Accurate estimates can only be determined after a detailed analysis of your requirements, so there is no way the developer can get back to you instantly on this.

But still some developers do share estimates with you quickly, either because they want new business or don’t understand your requirements. In any case, the quality is usually below par and later on, they will make up for the costs as well by delaying your projects or charging a lot for fixes.

Is there a way to exit the relationship if you aren’t satisfied? 

Sure, there is, but the contract should have very clear exit clauses. And when you do end the agreement, you should have ownership of the completed work till that time, including both the code and design.