Great Tips if You’re New to WordPress

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New to WordPress? Here are some useful tips for you, the most effective of which is to take advice from WordPress developer.

So you have just started out with WordPress site. How far have you progressed? Take help of reputed WordPress developers, and they’ll make things easy for you.  Here are some tips that can help you out.


Avoid cluttered sidebars

Cluttered sidebars are a huge no. So don’t shove all stuff onto it. We’ve seen so many websites with sidebars filled with social media icons, recent tweets and even ads. With so many elements, it becomes so hard to find those useful links which your visitors may want to click on.
Get rid of all undesirable elements from the sidebar and only keep the most useful links. You can remove items from the Appearance and Widgets section.

Sort out your Media Library

A WordPress Media Library can be of real help. All your media files go into one integrated folder; now you can easily search for the file you want by just using relevant keywords. You’ll have to change your settings to enable a single storage folder for all files.  Go to the Settings and Media menu and uncheck the box next to Organise my uploads into month – and year based folders. 

Clean up permalinks

Your website can’t help you much unless it’s towards the top of search engines results pages. While there are tons of ways to work on your SEO, one simple thing that you can do is to clean up permalinks making it easier for search engines to find your website.

The permalink field is towards the top of editing page; revise the links before publishing the post. Use words intelligently, and remove unnecessary ones. Ideally, your link should give some idea about what the post is about, but it shouldn’t be too long or stuffed with keywords.

Target titles and page descriptions

When posts are shared on social media, the service pages use the page title and description along with the link. The same titles and descriptions are used by search engines as well. Since people read them before viewing the page, they should be enticing enough to make them click on the link. Optimise them well and make them sound interesting.

Use images to an advantage

Images not only make your content more appealing, but also help with SEO optimisation. Whenever you upload a new image to the website, you get the option of providing an image title and different text fields. Use titles and texts that are related to your content, and optimise them with keywords as well.

Compel a response through landing pages

Grab attention of your visitors using a landing page.  Such page is without any navigation and has lots of white spaces so that visitors can focus on what you want them to do. Many of the WordPress themes already have a built-in template for the landing page, but if not, you can set it up through various tools.

Want more WordPress related advice? Reach out to a WordPress developer for more suggestions.