Making the Best Contact Forms in WordPress

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Follow this advice when putting up contact forms on your WP website 

How many visitors do you have on your website on average? If they are playing a role in driving your revenue, then you should connect with them. Contact forms provide a good way to do this. But like the rest of your website, they should be optimised as well.


Your chosen WordPress developer would help you out with this. Here are some tips that you can use.

The form length

Keep the length of your form as short as you can – it doesn’t have to be that long. Lengthy forms don’t usually generate desirable results – your visitors want to connect to you in as few steps as possible. So include only relevant fields, keeping your forms short.  This would make it easy for them to fill it up.


The structure of your form should be user friendly and appealing. Generally, neat and simple forms work the best because users can easily fill them up.  What exactly do we mean by a user friendly structure? Give them enough options for any questions that they may have. Your potential consumers may want to reach out to you for anything: free quotes, some information on your product, promotional offers or anything else. Your contact form should cover all possible options. A good way to go about this is to categorise all problems using department as the basis. This would save their time and they’ll only have to provide details related to the issue which they have at hand.


You know your products and audience the best. So ensure that your form is relevant to your industry. You may come across many sample forms that are impressive, but every website and business is unique. Other forms may always be relevant, despite how appealing they appear to be.

Images and Colours

Colours and images always have an impact.  Your contact form should represent your brand, so preferably you should use the same colours that you use for your company’s logo.  The form should also be aligned to the theme and shouldn’t seem out of place on the page.

If you want, you can even put up some images as well; for instance, you could post pictures of your support team. This gives your visitors a feeling that they are talking to humans and not just connecting to a website.

File Upload

Enable file upload so that users can explain their problem more precisely while enjoying some convenience.  After all, it is easier to send a picture rather than explain teeth problem in lengthy paragraphs.


While you may receive spam submissions this way, you should still remove captcha because they annoy users. As per the numbers, this increases conversions by around 3%, so why have it on the form then?

Response Time

Be sure to mention an expected response time on the form and ensure that you follow it as well!
Reach out to WordPress developers for more help with your blog.