WP Sidebars: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Optimise sidebar to drive traffic and increase conversions 
How much do you prioritise the sidebar of your WP website? It’s important to the overall design look and shouldn’t be ignored at any costs. After all, the sidebar can play a crucial role in driving traffic, something which you should probably be aware of. So how do you optimise your WP sidebars?


Talk to reputed WordPress developers and they’ll help you out. Meanwhile, follow our lists of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to your WP sidebars.

The Do’s

You can easily optimise the sidebar if you make use of some tricks; your chosen WordPress developer should be able to help you out.

Recommended or popular posts: This can be generated automatically through the views and comments on every post; use the WordPress Popular Posts plug-in to display them on the sidebar. If you go with recommended posts, you get more control because you choose what to display. Nonetheless, both these widgets can increase traffic and conversions.

Subscription form:  Add a subscription form so that users can sign up for your newsletter instantly. Once you have their addresses, you can regularly send them promotional emails.

Social media links: Let your visitors connect with you on all popular social media platforms. Add social sharing buttons to the sidebar; many WordPress plug-ins can be used for the purpose.

Profile: Add your profile or short biography to the sidebar so as to grain trust and increase your credibility.  Be sure to add a Read More link as well which will direct visitors to your complete profile or the About Us page on your website.

The Don’ts

Too many widgets: While you should add a number of useful widgets to the sidebar, you still should not be cluttering the areas. Be selective and only include the most essential widgets.

Default Widgets: WordPress adds a couple of widgets to the sidebar automatically such as Categories, Archives and Recent Comments. You can remove some or all of these and replace them with other more attractive widgets.

Disorganisation: Popular content and relevant details that your visitors would be most interested in should be placed towards the top. Also whichever order you choose, it shouldn’t make navigation difficult nor distract your visitors.

Ads: Ads may be important for you but you still shouldn’t be putting too many of them.
Get in touch with a reputed WordPress Developer for more sidebar tricks and suggestions.