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We all know about UPWORK, a platform where freelancer can apply for the jobs posted by companies or Clients directly. This is the most useful platform for those who want to work from home. There is no need of workspace to work on UPWORK. Wherever you or your client is, you can apply for the jobs and earn money easily. You can be client or can be freelancer on UPWORK. All you need to create an account on UPWORK. You can use a single account as client and as a freelancer. UPWORK is a US based company created in 2003. UPWORK firstly called oDesk. UPWORK is merged with More than 10 Million freelancers are registered over UPWORK. More than 5 million clients are registered over UPWORK. Every year more than 3 billion jobs are posted on UPWORK having worth more than 1 billion.

So you can see that how much you can earn on UPWORK, all you need is Strong Freelancer Profile. More strong your profile, more chances to get job on UPWORK. TO make your profile strong, you need to perform or give UPWORK Test related to your freelancer work profile. 

Here are the list of all UPWORK Test with Questions and Answers.

Top 10 popular test answers

CSS Test
Javascript Test
HTML5 Test
PHP Test
Photoshop CS5 Extended Test
Android Programming Test
English Spelling Test (U.S. Version)
Search Engine Optimization Test
WordPress Test
U.S. English Basic Skills Test

Upwork .Net Technology

Knowledge of SQL Server 2008 Skills Test
Knowledge of Net Framework 4.0 Skills Test
Dot Net 3.5 using C# Test
Dot Net 2.0 using C# Test
ASP.Net 3.5 using VB Test
ASP.Net 3.5 using C# Test
C# Test

Upwork Computer Skills

MS Word 2007 Test
Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Company Managers Test
Windows XP Test
MS Word 2003 Test
MS Word 2000 Test
MS Excel 2007 Test
MS Excel 2000 Test
Microsoft Word 2010 Test
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Test
Microsoft OutLook 2007 Test
Microsoft Excel 2010 Test
Microsoft Access 2010 Test
Knowledge of Microsoft Office Skills Test

Upwork Databases

SQL Test
PostgreSQL Test
Postgre SQL RDBMS Test
Oracle SQL 9i Test
Oracle PL/Sql 10g Test
MySQL Test
MS SQL Server 2005 Test
MS Access 2003 Test
Data Warehousing Test
Data Structures Test

Upwork Electronics

Semiconductor Electronics Test
Fiber Optics Test
Electronic Design Test

Upwork English Language

UK English Oxford Style Editing Skills Test (For Writing Professionals)
UK English Grammar Test (For Writing Professionals)
UK English Basic Skills Test
U.S. Word Usage Test
U.S. English Punctuation and Mechanics Test
U.S. English Proofreading Skills Test (Chicago)
U.S. English Basic Skills Test
U.S. English AP Style Editing Skills Test (For Writing Professionals)
Technical Writing Skills Certification
Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (UK Version)
Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (U.S. Version)
English Vocabulary Test (UK Version)
English Vocabulary Test (U.S. Version)
English Spelling Test (UK Version)
English Spelling Test (U.S. Version)
Creative Writing Test – Non-fiction (UK Version)
Creative Writing Test – Non-fiction (U.S. Version)
Creative Writing Test – Fiction (UK Version)

Upwork Finance and Accounting

PC Graphics Test
Venture Capital Test
Statistics Test
General Financial Accounting Test
Financial Reporting Test
Financial Forecasting Test
Financial Analysis Test
Accounts Payable Test
Accounting Skills Test (Cash Flow)
Accounting Principles Test

Upwork General Management

Time Management Test
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
Operation Management Test
Management Skills Test
Lean Management Certification
Kaizen Certification

Upwork General Programming

Visual Basic 6 Test
System Programming Test
Swift Test
Python Test
Programming with C Test
Objective-C Test
Objective C Test
iPhone Programming OS 2.1 Test
Game Programming Concepts Test
Dot Net Fundamentals Test
Delphi 6 Test
Cocoa programming for Mac OS X 10.5 Test
C++ Programming Test
C Programming Test

Upwork Graphics Designing

Knowledge of Vectorworks 2010 Skills Test
Knowledge of Google SketchUp Pro 7 Skills Test
CorelDraw X3 Test
AutoCad 2007 Test
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Test
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Test
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Test
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Test (Mac Version)
Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Adobe InDesign CS4 Test
Adobe Indesign CS4 Test (Mac Version)
Adobe In Design CS3 Test
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extended Test
Adobe Illustrator CS4 Test
Adobe Illustrator CS3 Test
Adobe Flash CS4 Test
Adobe Flash CS3 Test
Action Script 3.0 Test
3ds Max 9 Test

Upwork Intelligence and Aptitude

Programming Aptitude Test
Computer Aptitude Test
Analytical Skills Test

Upwork Internet Concepts

Social Media Marketing Test
Salesforce Test
RSS 2.0 Test
Knowledge of Google Webmaster Central Test
Knowledge of Google Analytics Test
Internet Marketing Test
Google AdWords Test
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test

Upwork Internet Programming

XML 1.0 Test
Paypal Integration for Web Skills Test
Facebook Development Test
ASP.NET with SQL Server Test

Upwork Java Technologies

Spring MVC Test
JSP 2.0 Test
JDBC 2.1 Test
Java Test

Upwork Mac Applications

Medical Billing Certification

Upwork Microsoft Technologies

Visual Basic Test

Upwork Miscellaneous Certifications

Photography Certification
Mechanical IQ Test
Mechanical Engineering Test 2016
Data Sufficiency Test 2016
Data Interpretation Test 2016
Civil Engineering Test 2016
Business Writing Skills Certification 2016

Upwork Mobile Technologies

iPhone Programming OS 4.0 Test 2016
iOS Programming Test 2016

Upwork Networking

Windows Server 2008 Test 2016
Voice Over IP Test 2016
Virtual Private Network Test 2016
TCP/IP Test 2016
Networking Concepts Test 2016
Internet Security Test 2016
Firewall Concepts Test 2016
CISCO Test 2016
Cisco Networking Test 2016
Apache Server Test (2.0 Family) 2016
Antispam and Antivirus Test 2016
Active Directory Test 2016

Upwork Office Skills

Virtual Assistant Skills Test 2016
Telephone Etiquette Certification 2016
Office Skills Test 2016
Help Desk Certification 2016
Email Etiquette Certification 2016
Content Writing Skills Test 2016
Call Center Skills Test 2016

Upwork Operating Systems

Unix Test 2016
Unix Shell Script Test 2016
Redhat Linux 9.0 Admin Test 2016
Mac OS X 10.5 Test 2016
Knowledge of Windows 7 Skills Test 2016

Upwork Sales and Marketing

Market Research Test 2016
Customer Service Test 2016

Upwork Software Testing

Software Testing Test 2016

Upwork Web Designing

XHTML 1.0 Test 2016
Principles of Web Graphics Design Test 2016
Maya 7.0 Test 2016
Dreamweaver 8 Test 2016
Adobe Premiere Test 2016
Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test 2016

Upwork Web Development

Email Etiquette Certification Test
Django Test 2016
Ruby on Rails Test 2016
Twitter Bootstrap Test 2016
SEO Test 2016
Node.js Test 2016
Magento Test 2016
jQuery Test
Joomla Test
E4X Test 2016
Drupal Test